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Within this site we Celebrate "Survivorship."

Our personal victories in a life worth living.

Each year our efforts have proven that we can all contribute to the battle against breast cancer. With the help of donations and our community we have assisted local women and men with some of the costs associated with their struggle against breast cancer. The cancer journey is sometimes lonely and frustrating. It can also be an opportunity for friendship, support, personal growth, humor, and fulfillment. The quality of our lives and our struggles can be defined by those who we see as our friends and for whom we offer our friendship and our support. In a day of celebration you too can help us make a difference. Join us in a run that will make us all winners in the battle against breast cancer!

Shirley Crawford, left, hugs Darla Petranek. Petranek's daughter
founded Sponsoring Survivorship in support of Petranek's battle against Cancer.

Our Story

Established in 1996, Sponsoring Survivorship began its supporting efforts when founder Julie Kelley was faced with the challenge of her mother Darla Petranek grave diagnosis of breast cancer, Darla given a mere 5 percent chance of survival. As a marathon runner, Julie would run virtually for miles. Often on her daily runs she would see longtime family friend Shirley Crawford (cofounder). They would talk about Darla's amazing recovery but also the emotional and physical challenges of cancer and what they could do to help others so that anyone facing breast cancer would never feel alone. Shirley set Sponsoring Survivorship in motion by suggesting a walk in honor of Julie's mother. What began as a small caring group of 17 friends in 1996 has grown to 100s of supporters. To date Sponsoring Survivorship has helped over 75 men and women in Lake County financially and emotionally with the dream to help hundreds more.

Survivors of Cancer make a huge family, a family in which many of the members have never met, but have formed a common bond of experience and life trial. We understand the challenges and the hardships of surviving. We are bound by our mutual support, our humor, our fears, and our courage. At times we may need support in meeting our treatment and medical costs. We are here to help.

Sponsoring Survivorship was established to help local women and men cover costs associated with their struggle against breast cancer.

The benefits of financial aid: Financial aid is available to women and men through Sponsoring Survivorship who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in Lake County. Sponsoring Survivorship is a nonprofit organization based in this community dedicated to assisting women and men in their battle against breast cancer. If you are in need of special assistance associated with cancer treatment or other costs directly associated with your cancer treatment please fill out this application and return it to Sponsoring Survivorship.